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Cara Letak Greeting Text..
Sunday, 5 August 2012 

Yoew da lame x jmper..Today i want to teach how to put the greeting text..malas lah nk speaking..huhuhu..hari ain nak ajor  cara nak letak greeting text di setiap post..kacang je klu da taw..nak Ain ajor kan???nok ke tidok??let's to TUTOR time..
2. Cari <BlogItemTitle>
3.Pastekan kod nie kat bawah <BlogItemTitle>
<center><img src="URL GREETING TEXT"/></center>
4.Preview dulu baru save..
contoh bagi yg x paham..
<blogger><div class="tit"><BlogItemTitle><$BlogItemTitle$></BlogItemTitle></div><center><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-DD8hjxbSgKU/T7TFKbzvLuI/AAAAAAAAAM8/g9MozFQCdBs/s1600/pinkcrown.png"/></center>
Ain punyer Simple Greeting Text.. 

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